The Art of Towing

There is a high level of knowledge in towing all kinds of vehicles.  Not all towing companies are a like.  You get what you pay for in most cases.  You need a Tow Company that has experienced technicians who know what to do and how to handle your vehicle’s situation.

Royalty Towing Fleet

Royalty Towing Fleet

Roadside Assistance is one of the most challenging operations for a tow company.  There are many factors involved with these types of situations verses a regular tow from your home or office.  Does the company have a Flat Bed Truck or a Lift Tow Truck?  The wrong truck and technician could cause more damage to your vehicle.

NOTE:  Read your vehicles manual and find out the recommend methods of towing your vehicle, so in case you need a tow, you understand and can ask the right questions.  Front wheel drive vehicles verses rear wheel drive vehicles can be towed totally different.

Another concern is doing business with a Certified and Licensed Operator.  You want to make sure you vehicle is in good hands and also you have recourse if they do not handle your vehicle correctly.  Each manufacturer has recommended towing instructions for each type of vehicle.

Some of the basic towing situations you could encounter on any day at any time.

Towing Situations:

  • Emergency Road Service
  • 24 Hour Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Car won’t start
  • Dead car battery
  • Flat Tire/Blow Out
  • Out of Gasoline
  • Broken Suspension Component
  • Steering Issue
  • Junk Car Removal

Royalty Towing of  Las Vegas Nevada has been the leader in towing for over 15 years.  Servicing the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding states of California and Arizona for all types of vehicles, from daily drivers to Exotic Cars of many manufacturers.

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